Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By using our services at Take My Online Courses, you hereby agree to all our terms and conditions listed below. Violating any of our terms and conditions will result in serious action being taken against the defaulter. Furthermore, the company reserves all the rights to change/alter/edit the terms and conditions whenever it deems fit.

If you do not agree to our terms and conditions then we suggest leaving the page immediately, you agree to our terms of use by continuing for this page and violation of our terms and conditions will be admissible in the court of law.

Any person who is a part of our services directly or indirectly shall be bound by the following postulates:

Early Entry

The website serves clients based on first come first serve and reserves the right to deny any client the right to our services whenever it deems fit. The client has no power to challenge/oppose our decision on any grounds.


Payments will be made in advance before opting for the course. The prices may vary from service to service and the clients do not have the power to challenge the price rates.

Refund Policy

The company will not liable to pay any amount in the form of a refund unless the client follows the terms of the refund. Any order that is cancelled within the prescribed time slot will be refunded. However, the company can hold the payments if it does not find them refundable.

Private Information

All the customers need to register on our official website and provide the necessary information for future reference. The company also reserves the right to use this information if needed which makes it a part of company property.

No customer/client will be able to enjoy our services before registering with their relevant information on our website.

Availability Issues

Our services are active round the clock but the company is still not liable to pay upon availability due to technical difficulty or other external factors. Claims made in these situations shall not be entertained whatsoever.